Meet Dr. Rhonda Ellis

It’s time for a change

Rhonda S. Ellis (formerly Bell), DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) is dedicated to helping leaders identify the elements of their personality, core values, and purpose that can launch them on a path of reaching their highest potential with a feeling of contentment and fulfillment.

Dr. Ellis’ career spans 30 years, and has included executive leadership coaching and training, the echelons of higher education in management and healthcare management, physician practice management, and the frontline beginning as a cardiac monitor technician.

She trains and coaches from a holistic perspective with a WISE & INTOUCH model: Well-being Integration for Sustainability and Engagement (WISE) and Intentional Navigation TO Ultimate Connection and Health (INTOUCH).  The model relies on the nurturing of the body, mind, and soul (spirit) as an individual leader. Within an organization, the model relies on the development of leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and the integration of conscious organizational behavior and organizational culture and climate for a sustainable and thriving workplace.

The genesis for WISE & INTOUCH is Dr. Ellis’ doctoral dissertation, “Spirituality and Job Satisfaction: A Correlational Study Among Nurses.” In Jan. 2010, Dr. Ellis was awarded a research grant from American Public University System to continue her research on spirituality at work among nurses in hospital settings. Dr. Ellis presents her findings in a book chapter, Spirit at work: A ripple of hope for organizational cultures, in the book, Handbook for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace: Emerging Trends in Research and Practice, at 2012 Springer-Verlag publication.

Since 2006, Dr. Ellis has been actively expanding a body of research on the correlation of spirituality, job satisfaction, organizational culture and commitment, and optimism. Additionally, Dr. Ellis consults with healthcare and emergency medical service organizations on leadership, authentic leadership, organizational culture, customer care, and change management.

As Rhonda became aware of the importance of leadership in her own life, and the need to continue growing she completed several certifications:

2018 – Coach Certification Program (International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved) – Hudson Institute of Coaching
2012 – Leadership Coach, Trainer, Speaker Certification – John C Maxwell Company
2009 – Spiritual Intelligence Coach – Deep Change – Cindy Wigglesworth

2018 – Facilitator – BEST Instruments (Personality Profiling, Leadership, Communication, Presentation Style)
2018 – Member – International Coach Federation (ICF)

These certifications allow Rhonda to analyze and coach leaders and teams to reach their highest potential and make their dreams come true.


The time is NOW to develop your team for greater performance. We all show up differently at work, and that is okay. The differences do not have to drive you CRAZY; make them work to your advantage. Learn how to show up EVERY DAY with the goal of COMPLIMENTING each other versus competing.