One of my passions is the phenomenal research on spirituality in the workplace. The research suggests that we may be unwittingly ignoring the very heart and soul that drives us as human beings – meaning and purpose. That meaning and purpose can be driven by the spirit of an individual. If we are not tapping into the spirit that drives us, we could be ignoring one-third of our workforce!

There is virtually an untapped well of potential within your staff that when engaged produces results that matter, such as:

  • Highly engaged staff who show up on time, do their best work, collaborate and innovate;
  • Re-ignited organizational pride and loyalty, so instead of accepting the status quo, they challenge it because they care about a high standard of exceptional results;
  • Greater self-care in the form of mindful eating, nurturing a positive attitude, improved skills in managing stress…

…All of which could lead to boosting employee satisfaction and outcomes.

This overlooked third is within each of us – it’s within you, within each of your managers and within each of your employees. Just as we now know that a holistic approach to medicine is better for patients, research is also suggesting that a well-being approach to staff yields remarkable benefits.

Here’s the oft-ignored truth: Humans are comprised of body, mind and spirit. Yet there’s an unwritten rule that we must put off our spirits when we walk through the door of certain organizations. This disengages a third of us from our work, the very part of us that brings out the best in the body and the mind.

We have a solution.

It’s called WISE and INTOUCH! Click here for more information.