Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.        ~ Jonathan Swift

Part Two of building a Better Team, the deeper intelligence to thrive, demands that we condition ourselves to see the invisible.  What are the invisible things that exist within your organization that you have never seen? With healthcare reform always dangling above our nose, there could be a number of invisible factors to consider, thus we need to prepare for the changes of the future.

One of the invisible factors that exist in healthcare organizations is the need to become aware of multiple intelligences. When we hear the word “intelligence” most bring to mind cognitive intelligence (intellect, logic, reason, math, writing, etc.). Cognitive intelligence is utilized by you and you alone. Multiple intelligences are needed as we work in teams. Among multiple intelligences are emotional intelligence (understanding your own emotions and the emotions of others and taking those into consideration in all situations) and spiritual intelligence (being aware of meaning and purpose in your life and job and using that realization along with compassion and wisdom to make decisions). These intelligences are needed to effectively work in a team environment; yet, these intelligences remain invisible to many.

Developing the other intelligences requires being aware of the other intelligences, assessing individual emotional and spiritual intelligences, and then integrating practices that will strengthen these intelligences that exist within a human being. It takes courage and intuition to see the invisible. Why not exercise courage and intuition and build a better team and holistic culture that pursues growth and learning about multiple intelligences.

Zappos is an excellent example of a company that saw the invisible and is building a better team. Enjoy learning from the intelligence of others outside of the healthcare industry.