There are three modules covered in the People Care Training. Below are the objectives for each module:

Module 1 - Connection

  • Identify the uniqueness and strengths of each team member and advance intentions to show up and complement each other using the BEST Personality Profile and Values in Action assessments
  • Keep communication simple, inclusive, and culturally relevant in order to connect with each other and patients
  • Connect with each other and patients intentionally with positive energy and emotions
  • Enhance connection with a Personal Success Specialist mindset giving generously to patients and team members, and identifying the “why” or the purpose and unique contributions as individuals and a team

Module 2 - Compassion

  • Discover personal emotional intelligence with an assessment
  • Increase a level of compassion through awareness of the five pillars of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skill) and mindfulness (self-regulation with an approach/attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance) training
  • Formulate compassionate practices with internal and external customers

Module 3 - Competence

  • Enhance professionalism by exploring unprofessionalism, etiquette, and work ethic
  • Transition to a heightened level of competence by leading out of the drama triangle of chaos and confusion to the positive pyramid of creativity and engagement
  • Identify personal leadership qualities through strengths, motivators, and values

The 3 C's of People Care training is part of a bold move to create a framework of unbeatable customer care. There is an acknowledgment that current customer service is inadequate. A paradigm shift is emerging in our professional community. A shift from just working to hit numbers to focus on the individual both inside and outside the organization. Is it conceivable that shifting the focus to increased connection, fuller compassion, and a more competent staff will make a difference in your own organization?

The course is set up with on-demand lessons which means you will work through them at your own pace. There is a 90-minute Zoom video live component that you will need to attend to obtain the People Care certificate.