One-to-One Coaching


I love that you are being proactive and digging deeper into your leadership development.


Assessments using BEST Instruments and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0)

Leadership and Team Performance Competency Assessments

Zoom Video Conference Meetings – 1-hour Meeting or 30-minutes Spot Coaching

Action Plans based on coaching session

You Can Do This

Coaching is an excellent tool to help shape your career/life path


You care a ton about what you do and the people you lead.


There is something out there that could make you better than you are today.


You can become the leader you were meant to be.


Coaching is the investment you make in yourself and the employees of the future.

Leadership/Life Coaching


Leadership Coaching Monthly Subscription for Initial Clients

Zoom Video Conference Virtual Sessions – $300.00 (monthly)

What’s Included:

90 minutes of Virtual Video Coaching Sessions (monthly)

4 BEST Instruments Assessments (personality, leadership, communication, presentation)

Scheduling of Coaching Meetings with Automated Calendar

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Values in Action Assessment

1 (7-10 week (once a week)) Mastermind Group (annually)

Communication through email, text messaging, and phone calls (limited 10 minutes)

Leadership Coaching Monthly Subscription for Organizations

Zoom Video Conference Sessions with Leaders within Your Organization – $3000 monthly subscription

What’s Included:

300 minutes (5 hours) of coaching per month (can be used as 30-minutes individual spot coaching, 1-hour individual leadership development coaching, or up to 2-hours team coaching)

1 Mastermind (7-10 weeks) with senior leadership team

Unlimited access to 4 types of BEST instruments (personality profile assessment, leadership style, communication style, and presentation style

Unlimited access to Values in Action Assessment

Assessments to Measure ROI

Scheduling of coaching meetings with an automated calendar

Phone calls (10 minute max), text messages, and email communication

Expertise of coach that has 7 years of coaching with 2 coaching certifications