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During the facilitation of our team sessions, Rhonda challenges our team to take their leadership skillsto the next level. She is always prepared, professional, and has the courage to prompt us to step out ofour comfort zone. Rhonda’s approach is to not provide solutions or answers to the group, but has the aptitude to challenge the team to explore ideas that might not have otherwise been considered. Her personality is one of genuine warmth and concern for each person she meets and she has a disarming way of making even the most challenging individual quickly become her advocate.Because of her facilitation of the meetings we have developed a cohesive leadership team, allowing us to redefine things such as our core values, establish our “why” statements defining why we do what we do rather than focusing on what we do and how we do it, and encouraging us to truly support, yet respectfully challenge, our team mates to improve on a daily basis. Words like accountability,camaraderie, respect, and value come to mind when I think about how our team has developed during our sessions with Rhonda.

Denise Treadwell

Exectuive Vice President, AirMed International

Dr. Rhonda Ellis and the John Maxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership training have proven to be invaluable to our leadership team. They have given us a common language which we use daily to tackle problems and given us the courage to be authentic leaders. The integration of monthly leadership meetings and the mastermind groups increased our level of trust with each other. We have formed a bond that has resulted in nurturing relationships and enhancing the quality of communication. Even difficult conversations are approached with deeper respect. The result has been a better quality of work and life balance with increased harmony in our workplace. The doctors and administration team see the value in consistency and fostering a leadership culture.”

Shaila James

Administrator, The Eye Center

Working with Rhonda has brought us from a collection of "me's" to a more united "we." We have learned to interact and be less defensive with a larger view of the whole (big picture) in front of us.People that work here have a better understanding of where they fit in, how they are important, and why it makes a difference of whether they show up every day. I wish we had found Rhonda earlier.

Craig Brown, M.D.

Physician, The Eye Center

Rhonda Ellis and her customer care training are wonderful! Our team learned so much about ourselves in addition to caring for the client. We now have a terrific mission statement that we all believe in!

Tina VanDerhoof

Salon Owner, Salon Professionals

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