Did you ever find yourself in a situation, and you thought “Why did I make that decision?” I have said yes to some projects and tasks, and wish I had consulted my core value, inner peace before saying yes.

A core value is something you will not compromise no matter what the circumstance. It is something that you hold dear to your heart. When your core value is not evident in your life, you can feel a little off balance.

Let me explain a little further. My core value, inner peace, is something I cherish right now in my life. To keep that inner peace present I have to do several things:

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Be mindful of nutritional meals
  3. Exercise
  4. Relax in my hammock
  5. Mindfulness meditation
  6. Spend time with family and friends
  7. Be a contributor to meaningful work
  8. Evaluate how a choice would affect my inner peace

Do you know your core value? Have you spent time thinking about what you would not compromise? If you need some help choosing a core value, I have created a list for you:

Joy, humor, influence, success, inner peace, knowledge, learning, hope, productivity, respect, integrity, loyalty, optimism, pleasure, freedom, security, spirituality, legacy, status, equality, excellence, significance, trustworthiness, wealth, power, happiness, wisdom, simplicity, responsibility, kindness, compassion, competency, authenticity, creativity, autonomy, productivity, unity, prestige, patience

Now, choose at least one value and think about what has to be in place for you not to compromise that core value.Sometimes, if we have not chosen a core value to guide us, we find ourselves wandering in a direction without a chosen destiny.

Go ahead choose a core value, and the next time someone asks you, “What is your core value?,” you can raise your hand with confidence!