Spend five minutes with Dr. Rhonda Ellis, and you’ll see, hear, and feel her passion for individuals and organizations to be WISE (Well-being Integration for Sustainability and Engagement) & INTOUCH (Intentional Navigation TO Ultimate Connection and Health). The WISE and INTOUCH vision was inspired by her research on spirituality and the workplace and from coaching clients that see the value in nurturing the body, mind, and spirit (soul).

Dr. Ellis is available to assess organizations for organizational health evaluating the personalities of leaders and other team members, communication, and the organizational culture and climate. You cannot grow if you do not know, and you cannot know unless you assess. Identifying and addressing the root causes of organizational challenges must be systematic and all encompassing. Her areas of expertise include leadership and team development, organizational culture and climate, change management, conflict resolution, and building strong relationships and improving communications. In addition, identifying the personality elements of ones personality and the mission and vision for their path for work and life is paramount for optimal community and efficiency of the organization.


One To One Coaching

one-to-oneIf you are ever frustrated, depressed, and anxious about your role as a leader, acknowledge those feelings, but don’t stay there…..TRAGIC! Have the COURAGE to dive in deeper with assessments, bi-weekly coaching sessions, and action plans for a more CONFIDENT YOU.

Customer Care Training

As clinic manager, administrator, human resource director, CEO, COO, or other formal leader you have the decision-making power to develop the robustness of an incomparable culture. The customer care training was born out of a dream and need to make the employee and patient experience second to none. Jump in the movement towards better customer care!


coursesWhat would it look like to have a more VIBRANT and HARMONIOUS workplace? Take advantage of my coaching practices and years of teaching and researching job satisfaction, organizational commitment,organizational culture and spirituality in the workplace. Reaching YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL has never been more FUN!

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Values Guiding Your Decision-making

Did you ever find yourself in a situation, and you thought “Why did I make that decision?” I have said yes to some projects and tasks, and wish I had consulted my core value, inner peace before saying yes. A core value is something you will not compromise no matter...

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Build a Better Team (Part Two)

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.        ~ Jonathan Swift Part Two of building a Better Team, the deeper intelligence to thrive, demands that we condition ourselves to see the invisible.  What are the invisible things that exist within your organization that...

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

~ Helen Keller

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5 months ago

Dr. Rhonda S. Ellis

Feeling stressed? Pick up a book or take an online class, or take the VIA assessment and learn about your strengths! Research suggests learning activates the brain and reduces stress.

#WellnessWednesday #bewiseandintouch #WorldMentalHealthDay #coaching #healthcare

VIA Institute on Character
How do you deal with stress at work? You might think relaxation is best, but researchers at the University of Michigan reveal a much more counter-intuitive method.

- Narrated by our Education Director, Dr. Ryan Niemiec -
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Have we forgotten how to connect and make friends in person? Connecting with people is one of my favorite things! The human connection will always be a need. Forget your fear and make more friends, face-to-face!

#FearlessFriday #bewiseandintouch #connection #friends

Have We Forgotten How To Make Friends

Power of Positivity
This was beautiful!
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I am inspired by the leadership at PrimeCare Medical Clinic and Dr. JP Wornock’s vision of genuine and authentic customer care! Congrats on your 15th anniversary and getting better every day at providing an intentional and extraordinary culture that yields remarkable employee and patient experiences!!! Celebrate the WINS!!! 👏🏻🙏🎉🦋😍💃

PrimeCare Medical Clinic
As yesterday was our official 15th anniversary of being in practice, we wanted to share a bit on the culture that we are so blessed to enjoy at PrimeCare!🍎
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7 months ago

Dr. Rhonda S. Ellis

Your social intelligence can lead you on a road to transforming your leadership!

#TransformationTuesday #socialintelligence #leaders #executicecoachingWhile genetics play a large part in your IQ, social intelligence or "street smarts" is mostly developed over time. Learn more here >> bit.ly/2N9IN4p
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