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Develop Courage
Reduce Stress
Experience Transformation

Do you struggle with finding a new way to get results?

Stuck in your own head?
Need a new level of energy?
Feel alone facing difficulties?
Applying old ideas that don't work?

INTOUCH Coaching works with all levels of leaders

Administrators Clinic Managers
Mid-Level Managers High-Potential Leaders
Physicians C-Suite
Supervisors Directors
If you lead people, you need INTOUCH Coaching.
Intouch Coaching
Free team building toolkit to help you start connecting your team and building trust.

Because of Rhonda’s coaching and facilitation of the meetings we have developed a cohesive leadership team.

-Denise Treadwell - President, AirMed International, AMR Air



You deserve the opportunity to grow using a professional coach


Fresh Ways of Thinking

A professional coach helps you gain a new perspective


Enhanced Decisions

Gain control with weekly goals and results

Dr. Ellis

What Makes INTOUCH Coaching So Different?

The coaches at INTOUCH Coaching, LLC are revolutionary in their coaching because they bring awareness to the difference between managing and coaching employees. Leaders that we have coached made the shift from just reacting to the daily grind (managing) to getting involved and becoming aware of the potential in those they lead (coaching). But, what do you do after the awareness? The answer is to hire a professional coach.

We know it might be difficult deciding on a coach. But when you hire a credentialed coach, you get someone that applies ethics, establishes trust, and participates in active listening and powerful questioning. This allows you to determine your strengths and develop action plans for navigating those strengths towards better results.

You don’t just want someone that calls himself/herself a coach. You want someone that values you enough to invest in credentialed coach training. You owe it to yourself to be coached by someone that has gone the extra mile in becoming an expert with credentialed, professional coaching programs. Rhonda holds two coaching certifications, one, an internal coach program certificate from the Hudson Institute of Coaching (ICF approved), and two, John C. Maxwell leadership development trainer and coach certification. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and an Associate Certified Coach with ICF. The professional coach training has provided us with the knowledge and skills to help you better lead the people in your organization. Other coaches that Rhonda brings along will have the same type of credentialing.

We know how hard it can be leading people. That is why it is important to build a coaching culture. A coaching culture is focused on building a strong team by helping individuals recognize and work towards their greatest potential. Our coaches recognize the need to develop leaders that can profoundly navigate the 21st-century with agility and resilience. When you lead in a coaching culture you will address problems before they surface, lean into conflict to strengthen relationships, focus on high performers and making more of them, and weed out the low performers.

Rhonda’s 30+ years of healthcare experience in various capacities: physician clinic management, professor in higher education and founder/director of a healthcare management program, and coaching with healthcare leaders provides you with the connection to someone that gets the ever-changing challenges of healthcare. One thing is true of the need for change: “You cannot grow unless you know, and you cannot know unless you assess, assess for the better or best outcomes.” That is exactly what coaching is about, assessing where you are and where you want to go. So let’s get started on your journey to better outcomes!

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