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What is the timeframe for the WISE and INTOUCH Mastermind Group?

The recommended tenure in the mastermind group is at least three months. You are not obligated to stay more than a month; however, we hope you are inspired to stay as long as you want to continue to grow. We will rotate different books every 2-3 months.

Who purchases the books for the WISE and INTOUCH Mastermind Group?

You, the client, will purchase all book/reading materials for the mastermind group. I choose books that are a short read, and range from $8 to $20. You can always opt to rent books if you do not want to purchase them. However, I recommend you start a hard copy or virtual library with the books.

Does INTOUCH Coaching, LLC provide training and coaching on site?

INTOUCH Coaching, LLC does provide training and coaching on site. If a client is long distance, the initial contact could be on site with sequential virtual sessions using video conferencing (required). On site proposals are discussed one on one. Please send me a request through the contact email.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Counseling focuses on experiences from the past and understanding those experiences and the effect on current life situations. Coaching helps clients draw on his or her personality, skills, and strengths to create successful action plans for the future.

What are some types of training that you offer organizations?

Leadership training with the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, personality assessment profiling using the Path Elements Profile (PEP) personality and team building tool, communication, customer care, conflict management, stress management, change management, and team development are included in training packages.

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Rhonda is based in the Northwest Arkansas area and serves clients from the local area. Telephone and video conferencing allows her to work with clients nationally. She holds full-day and half-day grow sessions for organizations. Coaching senior-level executive teams using video conferencing is one of her specialties with her gift to connect as if she were onsite.